Why the hell is my baby so Grumpy?




Not enough awake time.

Getting a cold.

Has a cold.

Getting over a cold.


A ‘leap’ on wonder weeks based on due date.

A ‘leap’ on wonder weeks adjusted to the day he was born to try and make it give me the answer I want.

A growth spurt.


Not colic but something almost as bad.

Needs a poo.

Needs a fart.

Needs a feed.

Needs a burp.

Might need all/none of the above.

Inherited my bad sleep genes.


Injections. Even though they were 2.5 weeks ago.

That coffee/dairy/spicy food I had for lunch thats potentially polluted my milk.

Boobs run out of milk?

Too hot.

Too cold.

Probably teeth.


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