How the Hell am I Going to Cope with Two Kids?


By the time you ask yourself this question its probably WAY too late. But I’m six months down the line and am somehow surviving. Here’s how:

Embrace Peppa Pig. She will save your life.

Everything you worried about doing first time:



Feeding/driving/pushing to sleep.

You’ll do them all, and you wont think twice about it.

“I didn’t have time for a shower?” What a joke. Stick ’em in a bouncy chair and get clean Mamma.

Childcare is worth bankruptcy.  Maintains no1’s routine.  Gives no2 some one-on-one. And Mummy the opportunity to go out for lunch.

Get your eyebrows done. Its a face-saver.

Don’t compare your bod to people who’ve only had one. You’ve made DOUBLE the amount of kids. Give yourself a break.

Filling a baby journal. Any type of baby sensory. Having your child weighed = all unachievable luxuries.

Ocado. The logistics of two kids in a supermarket are Just.Not.Worth.It.

Employ a ‘no-one goes downstairs without getting dressed’ rule. Otherwise suddenly its 11 AM and you’re all still in soggy nappies wanting to kill each-other.

Ignore irrational tears of guilt. They wont be your baby anymore but they will always be your first born.

REMEMBER a sibling  is the best gift you can give. Someone to share the burden when you start losing your marbles.

BUT  be prepared for Super Sonic Growth. Your first will age approximately 200% between you going into labour and returning home.

AND changing their nappies will seem grotesque. Like wiping a gigantic adult arse.

The exhausting flow of visitors wanting to meet baby?  Doesn’t happen. No-one gives a shit.

Other perks of second-child syndrome include:

Nothing to prove. Spend a few weeks post-labour wearing  joggers, eating biscuits with my tits out? yes please.

No rushing towards milestone. Please please stay tiny forever.

Not actually giving a monkeys. You’ve grown 2 kids. Nuff Said.

Wine.  An increased intake of alcohol even when breastfeeding really helps.

Child labour. Use your eldest – they love a job. ‘Can you get Mummy a nappy? I’ll time you…’

Snacks & bribery are your weapons, use them at will.

DWS (Deal with it at Seven). Scrap the interim clear-up. Zero point trying to keep the house respectable. One clear up, post-bed time saves your back and your sanity.

Accept that you’ll say ‘careful’ ‘gently’ and  ‘babies don’t eat crackers’ over and over and over again.

To double buggy or not to double buggy? save the research. Wait until babies here, the answer will become blindingly clear.

Divide and conquer. Just make sure you bag the easier child.

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  • Reply gemmacapocci83 May 29, 2015 at 5:31 am

    This is actually my life! Has woken me up at 6.30am and made me smile even when I can hear child no. 1 downstairs screaming for milk. Quite an achievement! Brilliant post x

  • Reply These are a few of My Favourite Lists: | Mother of All Lists November 3, 2015 at 8:25 pm

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  • Reply Les December 29, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    Spot one made me laugh out loud!

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