Anxiety is a Bitch


Ain't that the truth?! I think so, because I wrote it.
Ain’t that the truth?! I think so, because I wrote it.

I’ve been weighing-up whether to write this. Is there anything funny to be said about anxiety? Probably not. But if I can talk about leaky post-partum tits, then it’s time to talk about the occasions when your brain gets in a bit of a muddle too.

Honesty is the best policy, especially with a bitch like anxiety.

  • The people that have anxiety are NEVER the people you think would have it.  

  • Anxiety doesn’t make you a scaredy cat.

  • You’ve thrown yourself down a black-run. Done big-presentations. You’ve GIVEN BIRTH. These are not things that wimps do.

  • Yet a couple of stops on the tube is suddenly a challenge.

  • Doesn’t mean you are loony.

  • Means you are human. 

  • And actually a bit normal.  Honestly. I don’t have a stat but ‘shit-loads’ (not very technical) of people have it.

  • There is NOTHING more annoying than hearing “think how lucky you are you’ve got kids, a house, a good job”

  • Kinda the equivalent of  saying to someone with a broken leg “you’ve got a head, an arm, a chin.”  I am FREAKING grateful, but I’d still like NOT to have anxiety.

  • If in doubt get stuck in. Who actually drinks Rescue Remedy via the pipet? Go for the lid-off & swig technique.

  • Anxiety is a bitch. If you fight a bitch you get slapped. Better to play the long game and get her on side.

  • That buzz you get when lose a few pounds or (miraculously) drop a dress size?! Good mental health deserves a tiny fist pump too.

  • Run. Run. Run. Not away from your problems. That’d be terrible advice. But exercise. Running is free (apart from trainers and a reinforced sport bra) it keeps you sane. 

  • Aim for 3 times a week. Chances are you’ll manage 2.

  • Go a bit yank on it. Britishness rocks, but a cup of tea can’t actually solve everything.

  • We’re not talking group hugs. Just talking will do.

  • What Leonard Cohen said. Motivational quotes are 2 a penny these days. But these wise words: “there’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” – are pretty great.

  • A bit of anxiety is OK. 

  • Sometimes it’s excitement: ‘school disco nerves’, before a night out.

  • Sometimes it’s actual nerves. Don’t take every raised heartbeat as something to freak out about.

  • Go to the quack. Don’t be embarrassed. GP will probably already dealt with a mental health issue that day. Plus its better than having to stick their fingers up someones bum.

  • Go easy on yourself.

  • Being a grown-up is a tough gig. It’s why you spend 21 years (nearer 32) practising before you actually become an adult.

  • Find the release. Sprogs compromise your ability to blow off steam. But it isn’t a luxury. Amazing what a gossip with the girls can do for the soul. 

  • CBT is a game changer.  

  • Those movie scene where you lie on a mid-century leather coach, looking forlorn yet glam, whilst someone analyses your childhood? Not how it rolls.

  • The reality is less ‘mad men’. More staff-room chair in an airless room. But it DOES work.

  • Get some kip. Not easy with kids. Go to bed earlier. Get off your phone. Tag-team in the mornings. Get some kip.

  • Caffeine is vital.  But the whole double-shots as standard is ‘bad-man’. Couple of those can screw you up proper. Embrace the single life.

  • You WILL get back to being you. You won’t even realise when it happens. But one day you’ll find yourself worrying about the ‘why the hell there are small socks everywhere apart from the sock-draw’. Rather than worrying about worrying. 

  • You won’t be cured. That’s not a thing. But you’ll know that you’ve made anxiety your bitch. And that what hasn’t sent you potty has made you stronger.


14 thoughts on “Anxiety is a Bitch

  1. Yo whats up my name is riley carr and im new to wordpress and I was just looking on the reader and found your post and I can relate.
    Anxiety is a bitch here check out my article that I wrote about it –


  2. This is such a good post. I have just had three coffees and my anxiety has “screwed me up proper”. It had some funny bits and made me feel less of a loon. The more people talk about it the better.

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  3. Wow!! It is reassuring that people that I always thought were so far out of anxieties reach,has also been effected by the bastard!! I have suffered from it since the birth of my second nipper… and I must say that recently I have got it under control and made it my bitch. Well done Clem for being real and making others feel better by opening up. Ur a superstar!! Xx


  4. Amazing…thank you, puts it all into perspective


  5. Oh man, good to read this. Admitted to hospital this week after a major anxiety episode. Currently taking sedatives and feeling much better but wondering how the F did I end up here and when will life ever be normal again. What a fucker!


    1. Hayley I am SO sorry I’ve only just got round to replying.But please be reassured that thing WILL get better. This is a bump in the road rather than a constant detour…..


  6. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to read today of all days. Currently having CBT for depression and anxiety and it’s really comforting to know that other mums are feeling the same/similar. Xx


  7. This has made my day. Made me realise I’m not on my own! Thank you xx


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