What I’d Tell My 16 Year Old Self

Me aged circa' 98. Don't think I'll be reviving this '90's look.'

Me circa 1998. Don’t think I’ll be reviving this ’90’s look.’

The Dandy Kid has a special place in my heart, not only is it packed full of RIDICULOUSLY lovely stuff. It’s also based in Wendover, which is where I spent my teenage years ‘hanging about.’

It felt pretty edgy at the time, which is hilarious, because in reality it’s a gorgeous English village. A far cry from the mean (ish) streets of Peckham – ha!

When they asked my to write a guest piece for them. This seemed a fitting topic:

‘What I’d tell My 16 Year Old Self’

Don’t over pluck your eye-brow.

Think your boobs are big now?!  Wait ’till you are breastfeeding.

Drinking Malibu + Coke is not as glam as it feels.

Read the rest of the list here The Dandy Kid Blog

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