Why I’d Get Married Again.

This felt SO much cooler than it looks.

This felt SO much cooler than it looks.

Last week we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. It feels like a milestone. We aren’t newly weds any more. Course marriage is forever, but I still feel really proud to have even got this far.

Being hitched thing is a seriously tough gig. Especially when you throw kids in the mix. But, knowing what I know now, I’d still do it all again. Here’s why:

  • The party;  having all the people you love in one room. As the years pass you realise how special that is.

  • Getting in tip-top shape, just once . I wasn’t an emaciated bride by any stretch, but looking back I can see that I definitely looked good. Which is nice (and rare) to be able to say that.

  • Someone to share memories with. We don’t go out and dance on tables much any more or. But we both remember (ish) the days when we did. There’s a bit of me that will always see the my husband as the 25 year old in love with.

  • Changing your name. A decision that didn’t come easy. BUT now I have kids LOVE that we are a gang ‘The Telfords’, that’s us – a posse, a crew, a team, all-tied together.

  • You get to wear veil. Every woman should swish about in a veil at least once.

  • Suddenly you can see the future.  And it’s not so much about knowing where you are going, more having someone to figure it out with.

  • I got married in a church and though I haven’t figured out the god bit, I feel a massive connection that Church itself. My aunty got married there, my grandparents are buried there, its also where I spent countless Christmas’. Tying the knot there meant joining my other-half to that history.

  • The flowers. Beautiful beautiful flowers. Roses vs peonies, wild-flowers? Is there any nicer decision?

  • I am passionate, emotional & reactive (there, I said it). But marriage stops me being able to make rash decisions. You can’t just think ‘fuck this’, it forces you to stick with it and work through it.

  • Having a companion, a rock and even just someone to go to bed with. It’s a luxury and a privilege. Someone has chosen to spend their life with you. Wow. It still blows me away.

  • There are at least 12 people in any marriage. In tough times your mates and family will help keep you strong.

  • It teaches you that all the cliches about men being incapable of putting their pants in the wash basket are absolutely true. And its really fucking annoying. Really.

  • And that nagging housewife swore you’d never become?! Yeah, good luck.

  • Although you said “your presence at our big day is enough of a gift” and meant it. Getting a MASSIVE delivery of new stuff from John Lewis is VERY exciting.

  • It is a work in progress. You both change so much and some times you can get out of sink, sometimes you can do each-others head in. Sometimes you can even question if you should have done it. But if can talk it out and still tell each other you love each other. Then really everything is going to be ok, in the end.

  • Like motherhood. DO NOT COMPARE – other couples look happier, healthier, more together. Especially on Instagram.

  • But focus on the joy you find behind your closed doors. 

  • Marriage isn’t like the movies. But somehow the mundane and every day bits are the most precious. Piling in a car going on holiday. You wiping the table while he packs the dishwasher. And mainly Sunday mornings: you, the sausage dog, the humans you created, and the one you love, all doing absolutely nothing other than being together.

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  • Reply Holly Piper October 8, 2015 at 7:31 pm

    I cannot tell you how many rows we’ve had over the pants and laundry basket

  • Reply Natasha Geary - Writer October 8, 2015 at 9:06 pm

    Great pic x

  • Reply annainphilly14 August 19, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    YES to all of this! Only done two years myself, but look forward to still agreeing with this list after five, ten, and more! (And can I add to the lack of laundry basket etiquette, not throwing tissues in the bin? WTF is that about?)

    • Reply Peckham_Mamma August 24, 2016 at 9:36 am

      Ahhhh the tissues! So bloody annoying! X

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