LADYLANDS GUESTLIST: Things I Wish I Still Had Time for Now I’m a Parent


By Emma Scott-Child

My inner Blue Peter presenter LOVES this.

My inner Blue Peter presenter LOVES this.

Today’s list come from one of the Ladyland Crew. A collective of talented ladyz with an incredible eye, who manage to make everything look bright and beautiful. My fave feature is ‘hacky monday’ use life hacks, like the homemade speakers above, even I could do that. If only i had time….

Which brings me on to Emma’s list about time. Or more accurately a lack of it. Those days pre-kid when you thought you were busy? Wow, how I’d love to have those hours, even quarter-of-an-hour to while a way with very little to do.

I’m rambling. Check out Ladyland and also Emma’s Guest List: “Thing’s I Wish I Still Had Time For Now I am a Parent:”

  • Leaving work thinking, “What should I do now? Pub?

  • Handwashing – if a label says “Hand wash only” it might as well say, “Wear once then leave at the bottom of the laundry basket for a year until you finally give in and chuck it in the washing machine. Then donate shrunken garment to charity.”

  • Drinking a whole cup of tea. While it’s still hot!

  • Eating a whole biscuit with that tea, without getting mugged by a toddler.

  • Exercise. Unless it’s a race to carry two children and their scooters back from the park before Feral O’Clock.

  • 5.30 – 8pm. Every. Single. Day. What did I do with this chunk of time before?

  • Doing actual cooking – A fish finger sandwich is now a delicious and perfectly acceptable meal. For adults. After the kids are in bed.

  • Watching poignant cinema – I just want to fill my mind with garbage at the end of the day. Hello Magic Mike.

  • Shopping around – If the thing is on Amazon and I can buy it right now on my phone before I forget, I’ll buy it.

  • Customer returns – Y’know the thing that was on Amazon? Should have read the details. It will now be a permanent feature of our hallway.

  • Taking time to clean the car – It’s now basically a storage unit for things that no longer fit in the hallway.

  • Weekend mornings – that don’t start with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors at 6am to see who gets to investigate “There’s poo on my finger!” in the room next door.

  • But hey, life certainly isn’t boring!

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