A Mum & a Creative. Can you be Both?


Here I am trying to look cool and professional….

A few weeks ago Adweek published a piece I had written about being a Working Mum. Which made me feel like a genuine proper grown-up.

For some strange reason I didn’t share it on here. Perhaps it was PMT. I was also worried that it was  very ‘advertisingy’. But, having mulled-it over, I’ve realised that was daft.  What we do for a living isn’t important, what matters is speaking-up and trying to support each-other. So here it is…

Can you be a Mother & a Creative? 

For more on the subject, here is a list (phew, I know where I am with a list) I wrote for Parenting Website ‘My Baba’: 

28 Thoughts I’ve Had about Returning to Work

How have you found work? Has having a baby made you feel braver or more vulnerable? Or has it inspired a totalllllllly new career? Would LOVE to hear what anyone else out there has got to say??


2 thoughts on “A Mum & a Creative. Can you be Both?

  1. Of course the answer to your question is YES. However, for me, 1 year into the second child, I have found that motherhood for me has taken up all my energy, creative energy to boot. This is just my situation and is like this for various reasons. I am creative in everything I do, however making sandwiches look exciting for a three year old doesn’t quite cut the mustard. It’s not the creative output I long for. I realise that in time all this will change. I’ve also realised that I shouldn’t beat myself up about it. I’ve realised that I’m lucky I don’t need to go back to work. Looking at my other friends with creative careers and children to care for, one thing is for sure, its a lot more difficult and the ever present sexism within the creative industries becomes more apparent.

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  2. Love it Clemmie, too darn right you should share it! Could identify with all 28! x

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