LITTLE LIST: The Worst/Best Things About Being a Grown-up are…

You may not realise it but THIS is the best thing about being a Grown-up.

You may not realise it but THIS is the BEST thing about being a Grown-up.

It’s here. New ‘Little Lists’: a series of lists written with the help of a whole bunch of brilliant 2-9 years olds.

The plan was to start with one  about ‘Their Favourite Bit of Christmas’ – but the content was pretty uninspiring: presents, presents, Father Christmas and presents.

So this one seemed apt instead.

In a week when we are all snowed down with trying to coordinate present-wrapping, family politics and a horrendously oversized food-shop and not to mention ‘parenting’ and pretending Christmas is a wonderful thing, these glimpses into ‘THE WORST THING ABOUT BEING A GROWN-UP.’ really made me chuckle…


  • Going to work.

  • Having funny beer flavours.

  • You’re in charge the whole time.

  • Cooking all the dinners

  • Not eating ice cream.

  • Not playing and not getting TV when you’re good.

  • Listening to your boss.

  • Washing your hair.

  • Because they share beds they get squashed! Probably.

  • Just watching stuff when they should play with stuff.

  • You have to talk to people on the phone in a cross voice about work things.

  • Going to work every day.

  • Having a child!

  • Nothing! I can’t think of anything, adults moan about stuff like loud bangs and mess but I don’t know why they care.

  • Being slow.

  • Having to wipe sick of the off the floor.

  • Telling people off because you don’t want to have to use your loud voice.

But in comparison, here are the BEST THINGS ABOUT BEING A GROWN-UP:

  • Watching as much telly as you like and being strong and able to lift really heavy things.

  • Having nice beer.

  • Reaching high things.

  • You are always in charge of everyone.

  • They can do good hugs.

  • Being able to draw stars and proper people.

  • Eating ice cream.

  • “Playing a guitar and blowing up cushions that make a fluff.” (Whoopee cushions).

  • They don’t fall over much  probably because they are tall.

  • You can do what you want when you want.

  • Not doing boring things. I’ve got a good one – having money. And also getting a snorkel or something.

  • Helping people at school, and people who cant speak English.

  • Choosing stuff, you know, everything all the time. If an adult wanted to do crazy things like………. Put glue and glitter all over there camper van and make is so cool they could or even just swear, adults can swear and put glitter on there van and stay up really late. Kids can’t choose to do any of thoughts things. Today I couldn’t where my sandals but no one tells adults they can’t sandals I don’t care my feet will be wet. Put this on the things that make me angry.

  • Grown ups put cards in to the machine and they can get all the toys in the shop.

  • Growing.

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