Remind this dude how much I love him…

I like New Years Resolutions, they are naturally ‘listy’. As a kid my list consists of: clean Jasper (my rabbit) out more often and be nice to my brothers and sisters, oh if only life was still as simple…

Watch out 2016 because this year I am going to:


  • Get the carpets cleaned.

  • Cut the boys fingernails and toenails more.

  • Go to art gallery at least once a month.

  • Visit a country I have never visited before.

  • Throw away underwear that 3 years old or older.

  • Beat the laundry basket. MUST DO ONE LOAD A DAY (repeat). MUST DO ONE LOAD A DAY.

  • Try not to get cross when Ben takes forever taking shit.

  • Stay fit. Body Coach has broken the habit of weighing myself everyday which is excellent, but I really don’t want the weight I have lost to creep back on.

  • Make relaxing a priority. Doing nothing makes me feel anxious, but I know unless I chill the fuck out I am going to crash and burn.

  • Stop buying sweatshirts. Enough is enough.

  • Wear more jewellery. Accessorised people look so much more ‘together’. I think it’s within my power to be one those people…

  • Write letters. A hand-written note in a sea of bills and junk mail is a lovely thing. 

  • Read more. I read every night before bed, but am usually so bloody knackered, I barely manage a paragraph. Perhaps we could have a ‘No TV night’ and just read? Ha! Never. Going. To. Happen.

  • Promotion… it’s a big one. After spending the last 4 years in a blur of being pregnant or in-charge of a tiny baby, it feels nice to go into 2016 with a clear(ish) head – time to make it count…

  • Leave one weekend a month free. Just to wake up and do what takes our fancy/ make the most of London.

  • Remove nail varnish from toes rather than a) paint over it b) leave it so long that I am embarrassed my the sight of my own feet.

  • Buy less. Buy better. I never met a bit of cashmere I didn’t like, yet I own hardly any of it…

  • Do copywriting/creative for more Mummy businesses (and less big corporate machines). 
  • Jazz up dinner. We eat a rotation of about 10 meals on repeat. Must step it up. Maybe ask friends to share their ‘week night classics?’

  • Get the boys eating more Asian food.

  • Help other people. I’ve been really inspired by The Double Mama’s Love Box Campaign and  MADLife’s “One Worn Every Minute” idea. I’d love to do something half as brilliant..

  • Remind  Derek (our wire-haired daschund) that I  love him. Lady & The Tramp was right!! Having a baby and dog is hard. Going to try and make it up to this guy…

  • Put away clothes carefully.

  • Get a book deal. Not sure how? Any advice gratefully received?
  • Stay-out late once in a while. Come 10pm I get The Fear and want to get home to bed. I call it the Cinderella effect, but in reality its can be a bit dull.

  • Get as much sunshine as possible.

  • Print more pictures.

  • No milestones. I am very ‘goals orientated’; meaning I have a tendency to go from one big project (marriage, baby, house-renovation) to the next, I love it. But it come with TONS of pressure. This year we are just going to ‘be’.
  • Do better reactions to stuff. I am very bad at showing appreciation for gifts or opportunities. It’s not that I’m grateful, it’s that I am not good at enthusiasm on demand.
  • Less plans. Less phone. Less social media (panic!). More enjoying the moment.



  1. Good list…I am now inspired to try and do less this year and have less big scary goals too! If you want to get a book deal, try Unbound…you put a tester out to users who then crowd-source your book if they like it.
    Happy New Year!


  2. Ha ha book deal and restful year? 😉 I hope you manage xxx


    1. Ha!!! And there-in lies my problem!!! Can’t.chill.out


  3. Your list sounds fantastic. Saved me a heap of time doing my own, thanks. Only two things for me to modify…the dachshund and that stupid (sorry!) last one of brushing up on your insincerity.


    1. You know what? it was daft and actually not entirely true. So have edited according…. XXXX


    2. So much can be lost in careless writing…last comment meant very lightly(insincerity).
      A silly throwaway for a laugh, not a meaningful criticism. Love your lists, keep going.


      1. No I don’t mind at all… Always good to stop and think once in awhile xxx


  4. Definitely agree with the Nail Varnish and Printing pictures! I have about 100 empty frames….or still with the obligatory ‘random happy family/married couple/unrelated child’ factory photo in it! I really need to pick up my 40×40 list and achieve some of those this year! I also just purhcased the Body Coach recipe book so well worth trying that if you haven’t already for your meals. Start a ‘recipe club’ – we can all give a recipe idea, then we all cook one we haven’t before that week and review how it went down with the fam? Good luck! 🙂 x

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