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Watch out, things are going global. Today’s Guest List comes courtesy of Naomi Raine,  all the way from the south coast of NSW Australia.

She captures beautiful photographs of her 3  blonde-haired boys,  all of which are under the age of 4!!  Their life literally makes me swoon; it looks so sun-drenched, full of freedom and love…. Have a look here,  it really is gorgeous, particularly on a bleak January day.

To her, ‘Having Boys Means’:


  • No activity is ever done gentle or quietly. 

  • Wrestling matches is usually an every day occurrence , I believe  that this helps the male species to expel something called testosterone … so do not be alarmed if one breaks out. 

  • Always have spray and wipe and air freshener ready next to the toilet as the aim is never at the target ( the toilet ) and boys wees somehow smells worse ! 

  • Boys are the best snuggle bugs ever.

  • A mother is the first woman your boys will ever fall in love with so make sure you teach them what and how to  love. 

  • They climb …. On everything and as high as possible

  • Everything is a competition . A boy always needs to win 

  • Boys eat all day long . Invest in big double door fridges. 

  • They are obsessed with their manhood. 

  • Anything to do with farts , poos or their bums is hilarious 

  • Every item somehow becomes a sword or weapon ..,

  • Boys do not stop during the day ! Invest in a humongous back yard… get them outdoors that’s where they will flourish the most they do not survive indoors . .. And nor will you 

  • Drawing , painting , play dough , craft …. Will last them oh hmm about maximum 10 minutes .. do not be fooled by the pictures u see on social media thinking it will be a whole afternoon activity because u may be very well disappointed  .boys are in capable of sitting still for longer than those precious 10 minutes 

  • See that sweet snail .. That bug … It most likely be squashed in seconds with the word …. Die!!!! This is normal and no your son won’t turn into a thug ..

  • Throwing things is completely normal . It usually begins at 10 months … Boys need to see how strong they are and the outcome of their strength …

  • Boys are truly spider men they will climb and somehow attach themselves to walls 

  • They will always pick you flowers 

  • Their clothes don’t last long 

  • No argument lasts forever 

  • When they show love or affection the whole room somehow stops .

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  • Reply Natasha Geary - Writer January 7, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    As a mum of 2 boys I couldn’t agree more. Love this list.

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