LITTLE LIST: If you Could Do Anything in the World, What Would it Be?




Close your eyes and think of… err  Cyprus?!


Before Christmas I got all these lovely ‘Little List’ answers through from a bunch of brilliant kids, but the last few weeks have flown by and I didn’t have time to put them on the blog.

And then I was worrying about the fact i hadn’t put them on the blog. And feeling bad to all the people and all the kids. Which mad it harder to actually do it.

Enough is enough.

Time to stop fannying.

So from now on every Monday… I am going to start the week with a light-hearted Little List.

Given today’s shitty weather this seems fitting.

This is what a 3-8 year olds would do ‘If They Could Do Anything in The World’:


  • Eat sweets!

  • Close my eyes and then open them and be somewhere else like Cyprus.

  • A farmer.

  • Go on point ( ballet shoes).

  • Spiderman.

  • I’d be a dog walker

  • Play with my friends because I love playing with them. I’d jump in muddy puddles in Barbados again with Ella and Harrison

  • Skipping

  • Anything? Okay. A BMX rider. Actually the same job that Daddy does.

  • “Be kind and give Vivi all of her toys”

  • Lifting up heavy things – like a dolls house

  • Go under the train bridge at Tunbridge Well to High Broom.

  • Be a teenager for the day and have long straight hair like Elsa.

  • A really famous professional dancer

  • To go to New Jersey and see Captain America

  • Draw pictures of Mummy with her baby in her tummy

  • A palaeontologist, and someone who saves whales.

  • Have everyone to come to my house to play.

  • Fly an airplane with people inside, some people will be sleeping, some people will go to the loo. The flush is very loud.

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