SARAH ANGUS’ GUESTLIST: What Having Three Kids Feels Like

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Look at this gorgeousness. Sarah’s three boys each  at three days old. Gorgeous.

I first met Sarah Angus at a Mothers Meeting. She was pregnant and looked so youthful and glowing that I assumed it was her first kid. Not so. Turned out it was her 3rd bump! She now has three boys with excellent names: Errol, Rafe & Axel.  I want more kids, and there’s a strong chance I’m likely to have more boys.  As a result I have been viewing Sarah as my guinea pig or pathfinder; and was very interested to see how this list would shape up.

I should add that, aside from full-on Mummying, Sarah set up fashion marketplace: with a friend when Errol was 6 months and sold it in 2014 to Since then she has written for Smallish Magazine, Jimmy Choo and – no wonder she looked so gorgeous when I saw her, this clearly has an eye for fashion!

Anyway, back to the all important list: ‘What Having Three Kids Feels Like.’


  • A friend once said to me: Two kids is fun, but three kids is a party!

  • I always thought I’d have two kids: a boy and a girl. So as a mum to three boys, it’s definitely taken some getting used to. Kinda glad we’ll be skipping the teen girl angst though.

  • I’ve lost track of how many ‘You’re brave’; ‘You’ve got your hands full’ or ‘You’ve got a football team’ comments I receive. An elderly lady once commented that I was a‘good girl’ for having three so close in age. Everyone has an opinion.

  • Jumping from 2-3 kids has turned out much easier than going from 1-2. The older two entertain one another with endless sword fights, provide an endless stream of mindless chitchat and can help one another get dressed while I get back to basics with a newbie.

  • Bribes, snacks and military organisation gets us out of the house on time for nursery and classes.

  • The car is always stocked with spare nappies, undies, wipes, snacks, sticker books andTaylor Swift. You can’t beat a bit of Swifty’s Shake It Off to break up a sibling squabble.

  • Watching my eldest calm his brother’s cries and mimic our ‘little one’ moniker is heart-melting stuff. Axel’s a dead ringer for Errol too; I love watching their brotherly bond forming.

  • To overcompensate for ‘middle child syndrome’ we’ve been mindful not to overlook Rafe, which was easy to do with Axel first arrived. It’s not intentional, my eldest asserts himself more while my youngest literally clings to me to survive.

  • My style has definitely changed since becoming a mum of boys. Leather leggings,jeans, sportswear and hightops are my staple uniform for forest walks and a kick about in the park.

  • I’m 32 and still learning about myself; I didn’t realise how much of a control freak Iam until my in-laws came to stay and I refused to let them help. Mums tend to go tothe beat of our own drums, right?

  • Third time around I still feel clueless and rely on Google to solve my parenting dilemmas. Why won’t my baby nap/ how do I extend a catnap/ is 2 minutes long enough to feed?????

  • I’ve never washed – and Vanished – so many clothes. Laundry is done FML.

  • Everything you hear about three adding more costs is true. Since Axel arrived, we’ve traded up a car, are just about to start house renovations and have swapped hotel holidays for Airbnb.

  • So far I’ve left the car door fully open for an hour in Sainsbo’s carpark, the windows fully down overnight while parked on a busy road and the tailgate open during school drop off. When it’s 3:1, something has to give.

  • I don’t give my husband enough credit. Without him to play, teach and feed them, I’m sure the older two would have behaved far worse since Axel arrived on the scene.

  • Every night I promise myself I’ll shout less and have more patience the following day; having kids, regardless of the number, is definitely the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. My Yesmum cards put me on the straight and narrow when shit hits the fan.

  • I don’t like to wish the time away but I’m looking forward to when Axel is a few years older and we can start to visit the world and build memories together as a family.

  • Having three is totally mental: the house is a mess, there’s never enough time for everyone, the decibel level is through the roof and my husband is all but grey. But there’s something totally wonderful about the mayhem that makes me wonder -maybe we could have one more?

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  • Reply naygreg March 1, 2016 at 9:44 am

    Oh my! This is me and my 3. I particularly like ‘3:1, something’s got to give’!!! So true and I think that’s what I’ve had to accept in going from 2 to 3 kids! And heck yeah to the final paragraph!!

  • Reply Madabouttheboys March 1, 2016 at 9:07 pm

    This is just brilliant. I completely agree with every single point that Sarah makes, bar the having one more bit, for me three boys is more than enough!

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