The 5AM Club

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Oh Dear….

Once upon a time being awake at 5AM meant  exciting things like: catching a flight or an EPIC night-out. One particular celebration springs to mind, aged 25 and having just moved to London, my bestie’s and I threw a’rave themed’ moving-in party. In a terraced house.

Can you think of a worse way to ingratiate yourself with new neighbours? Especially when it involves a)  a BIG sound system b) the police being called.  I shudder to think of those poor folks whose small kids were woken by our revelling.

I digress. These days life has come the full-circle now that tutting neighbour, hating on people having fun too noisily is me. More to the point, thanks to my children I haven’t set an alarm in 3 years and am regularly up with the sparrows. Which is why I love the concept of The Early Hour: a newsletter published at 5AM for poor sods like us.

Here’s a list I wrote for them….

Things I Do at The Crack of Dawn




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