Social Media Addiction. Is that a thing?


Instagram washed down with a G&T. What’s your vice?


It’s all got a bit much recently.

I’ve been ‘having a moment’. Pretty standard. There’s always a moment going on with me. Mercury Retrograde hasn’t helped either.

Whatever the reason, planetary or otherwise, I’ve felt majorly strung-out and I’ve got an inkling social media is to blame.

Here’s a bunch of musings on the matter.

  • Social media is amazing.

  • It has given me access to an INCREDIBLE network of people.

  • I never expected to make new friends in my 30’s, thanks to Instagram and of course Mothers Meeting.  I’ve gain a whole new Girl Gang. From strangers to people I genuinely LOVE in just over a year.  Increds.

  • Social Media has given me belly laughs. Celeste Barber and Fat Jewish = constant lols .

  • Social Media has inspired me. Those ‘filtered lives’ are the cheapo’s version of buying a glossy magazine or coffee table books.

  •  Pinterest literally styled my entire house during a massive renovation project 2 years ago.

  • It  pushed our marriage to the limit though:  my husband couldn’t get so excited about the 2000 pins of scandi-styling-with-industrial-cues-in-various- shades-of-soft-grey. Apparently my beloved boards didn’t excite him quite as much as me. Can’t understand why?

  • Facebook Timehop is a goodie. Who doesn’t enjoy revisiting a hilarious ‘noughties fashion disaster’?

  • So yeah I love Social Media. 

  • But there’s a bad side to all this.

  • It’s not what you might assume. Nothing to do with privacy.  Yes I have made a lot of my life public via Mother of All Lists and @peckham_mamma. Contrary to how it may appear, those moments are only ever a fraction of the reality. The tip of the iceburg/juggling act that’s really going on.

  • Life is pretty hectic as a working-mum-blogger-wife-friend-sister-daughter-dog-owner. That’s BEFORE you add all the online stuff: the pictures and the links and the notifications and the private messages and 140 characters and the comments popping up on my screen 24/7.

  • No surprise then that life + social media (+ small children) =  burn-out.

  • Looking back at previous generations we wonder how they failed to realise the damage smoking/drugs were doing to them. What if social media is our generations vice?   

  • Probably a tad OTT, but I believe we (by we I mainly mean me) underestimate the harm it’s doing.

  • The stress it causes. Nothing major; nothing you can even put your finger on. It’s the drip drip drip effect.

  • The unspoken pressure of comparing yourself to thousands pictures on Instagram every day is mind frazzling stuff . 

  • It’s not about a sense of competition.

  •  The quantity of knowledge is what does me in: what she’s wearing, what they are doing, who’s hanging out with who….

  •  Whatsapp is my worst. I literally can’t keep up with it. Once upon a time you came home from a 2 week holiday to a few messages on the answer machine. Now 5 minutes away from the phone equals a barrage of notifications.

  • Overheard conversations between friends, banter that is already out of date before you’ve even read it, mundane arrangements to a meet-up that you couldn’t make.

  • In real life you might walk away or better still be totally oblivious. Instead we are trapped. Feeling too polite and British to ‘leave the conversation’, choosing to eternally to ‘opt-in’.

  • Perhaps these musings are a reflection of my personality. I’m an all or nothing sort. When I smoked I was a ‘fag before breakfast’ kinda girl.  Same goes with this.

  • What’s the solution? Good question.

  • Quitting isn’t realistic. ‘Social media’ isn’t a phase; it’s how people communicate these days.

  •  Opting out = missing out. On support, advice, friendship, knowledge, giggles, cathartic tears, inspiration. All the good stuff.

  • Instead I’m self regulating (said like a true addict).

  • Starting with turning off every notification . Which is amazing. Can’t recommend it enough.

  • Physically putting my phone away. Life has come the full circle: phones on silent, messengers with less message alerts, mobile devices relegated to the hall-way; like the old ‘land lines’ they’ve replaced. Bonkers but necessary.

  • Truth is it’s a bit of the old stuff I want back.

  • Remember the days when you would sit in a waiting room? Queue at the Post Office? Lie in bed first thing in the morning? And do nothing.  

  • Those ‘in-between’ bits seemed so boring back then.

  • Not now. Those forgotten windows of blissful contemplation and reflection seem infinitely appealing.  

  • Rest and re-cooperation = the most precious commodities imaginable.  More desirable and swoon worthy than any Valencia filtered square. 

  • Offline. Off grid. Off radar. Downtime. Call it what you will.

  • What I want is a bit of a rest here and there.

  • And no, I don’t want the ‘app for that’.

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  • Reply Cadence Pearson Lane June 1, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    So well written and all so true!! Thanks for that👏👏

  • Reply Rebecca June 2, 2016 at 7:08 am

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been trying to articulate my feelings on this matter and you have done it perfectly. I love your style of writing. Thanks! X

  • Reply Dan November 29, 2016 at 10:00 pm

    Oh my God, I felt like this post is talking about me. Social Media is such a necessary evil (especially for us mum bloggers) but it can get so overwhelming at times. I tried so many times to cut out but just have not been able too. “Opting out = missing out. On support, advice, friendship, knowledge, giggles, cathartic tears, inspiration. All the good stuff” is doubly true 🙁

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