DETOX KITCHEN’S GUEST LIST: How to Eat Your Way Through Pregnancy


By Lily Simpson.

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Lily and her boy

I’ve known Lily for years (she dated my bro many moons ago) and wow has that girl grown into an incredible woman. She started the The Detox Kitchen in her 20’s and was well ahead of the clean eating trend.

Since then she has opened a chain, yes a chain!, of deli’s and written a recipe book: The Detox Kitchen Bible – there’s a prawn, cashew and cauliflower recipe in there that we now eat at least once a week.

That’s not all. Lily has been  busy growing and looking after little human’s too. She has one son and his pregnant for the second time. Here’s her guide to eating during pregnancy.


  • Being the founder of a healthy food company, many people expect me to eat like a saint 100% of the time. This, I assure you, is not the case.

  • I live and will die by the 80/20 rule, eating wholesome, fresh food made from scratch 80% of the time, and eating whatever I want the other 20%, mainly kitkats, white wine spritzers and roast potatoes!

  • However, during pregnancy, especially the morning sickness months, that ratio dramatically changes to 60/40%.

  • suffered with morning sickness from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed until I was 12 weeks with my first son and 18 weeks with my second pregnancy.

  • There is a lot of pressure on mothers to eat well during their pregnancy but that’s definitely easier said than done, so my list will hopefully give you a few tips on how to sneak in a few more veg but also make you feel less guilty for eating crisps for breakfast!

  • Juice is your friend. I found that one of the only ways to get fresh vegetables in to my diet was to drink them. Carrot, celery and ginger is the mother of all juice!

  • Listen to your cravings. All I wanted during morning sickness was plain, stodgy food. Apparently this is natural as your body is working hard to make a little human and it needs food that is already broken down so that its easier to digest.

  • My go to breakfast was toast with a bowl of Granola (if you have time to make your own, do; the less sugar and processed food the better, as sugar will just make you feel more nauseous)

  • Jacket potatoes are a life saver. Homemade chicken soup worked its magic too.

  • Gluten free pasta with a homemade pesto was my go to dinner. No garlic in the pesto.

  • The smell of food made me feel so much more nauseous so avoid the kitchen if you can. It’s the perfect excuse to get someone else to cook for you!

  • The smell of onions cooking nearly killed me. Avoid.

  • Avoid foods that tend to linger on your palette. I found onions and garlic the main culprits.

  • During morning sickness months eat as much as you need to. Do not hold backand worry about weight gain. Eat little and often. Two breakfasts is normal!

  • Drink peppermint tea, without it I would be in hell.

  • Feed your husband more, the more weight he puts on the better you will feel about gaining weight!

  • Feigning a hangover to justify your new love for chip sandwiches at work is totally acceptable.

  • Six pieces of toast for breakfast is normal.

  • Eat vegetable soup. Lots of soup with lots of toast.

  • Variety is important. Your growing babe is taking all the goodness from you, so they will be fine, it’s you that will suffer if you are under nourished. A multivitamin will ensure you are getting nutrients whilst you struggle to get proper variety in your diet. I used Bio Care.

  • Once my normal, healthier diet was resumed, I stopped taking the multivitamin as it wasn’t needed.

  • Try and spend time not thinking about food! A facial and manicure should do the trick.

  • The only time I didn’t feel sick was when I was asleep. So I slept loads. And being well rested apparently alleviates nausea!

  • Use this opportunity to get people to do stuff for you. Sending partners out to buy Fab ice creams at 10pm is reasonable.

  • Most importantly, don’t beat yourself up about your diet. Guilt is a wasted emotion.

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