Nurturing Mum’s Guest List: Balancing a Baby and a Business.

Nurturing Mum’s Guest List: Balancing a Baby and a Business.

By Lucinda Hutton

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A baby, a business and a successful mirror Selfie. WHAT A WINNER.

Lucinda was a city lawyer. Then had a her son and decided to quite her job and start a new business when he was just 5 months old. Ballsy or what?! She started  Nurturing Mums, postnatal course that provides practical, expert advice mums with babies 0-9m.

What a blooming brilliant idea. Anti-natal is well and good, but its only when that small human arrives earth-side that you have all the ‘how the hell do I this?’ questions.

Anyway, Lucinda is here to offer with a load of tips on how to ‘Balancing a Baby and A Business’:


  • Know your market. Get to know who is ‘out there’ in whatever business you want to run & work out what you would be offering that is unique before you take the leap.

  • Don’t think that you can’t do something just because you haven’t done it in your ‘past life’ – I had never owned a business before, run a website or social media accounts. You’d be surprised how quickly you can pick things up – there are lots of helpful people out there and there’s always YouTube!

  • Make an investment – not necessarily financially, but with your time. If you aren’t making the time for your business, it’s unlikely it will just ‘take off’ without you dedicating your time to it. I appreciate this is tricky with a baby, but it pays off.

  • Get childcare if you can – this is a particularl difficult one for me as I can’t leavemy son in a nursery due to the fact he is on oxygen. I rely heavily on my family & our new au pair so I can steal hours here & there at home to work. It isn’t always financially viable to pay for childcare whilst starting up your business – but it is great if you can. If not, try and be strict with your time when it comes to nap-times & evenings.

  • Create a work space – whether it’s a desk in the corner of a room or you are lucky enough to have an office – use it. I am always so much more productive when sat at a desk (and in another room from my unruly toddler).

  • Network – running a new business from your home can be lonely. Other mum bosses aren’t only a great source of inspiration, but if you can network and meet other mums running their own businesses, you will no doubt leave with invaluable advice and potentially access to new clients.

  • Social media is your friend – Don’t be afraid of using it to get word out there. It’salso easy to waste time on social media too. I’d recommend apps like Hootsuite which can schedule posts for you so you don’t have to be logged in all the time.

  • Make sure you mix up your posts with a mixture of articles & posts your readers will find interesting, as opposed to advertising all the time.

  • Get good at talking about what you do – this is something that has taken me awhile to do. I was very good at walking into a room & saying that I was a lawyer in my past life. What I should have been saying is, “I’m the owner of Nurturing Mums, this fantastic non-judgemental postnatal course perfect for new mums in North London”.

  • I think that a) people would have found that far more interesting & b) you never know where one conversation might take you!

  • Make time to switch off – Build structured work time into your weekly routine.

  • Being a stay at home working mum is NOT the easy option. You have to be disciplined both in your work and your head space. It would be very easy for me to be on my phone responding to emails all day as opposed to spending time with my son – the real reason most of us decide to run our own businesses in the first place – for quality family time! I now have to charge my phone out of my bedroom at night so I’m not tempted to check it. It does mean I get better sleep though!

  • Fake it til you make it – new businesses go through ups & downs. Especially ifyou’re feeling sleep deprived and in a bit of a business slump, if you have faith inyour idea and truly believe it will be successful, keep at it. In the mean time – put up a lovely instagram pic & keep on keeping on.

  • The appearance that your business is doing well is half the battle, even if you’re sat in your pjs eating bourbon biscuits with your little one running rings around you – or maybe that’s just me!

**Nurturing Mums postnatal courses run in Hampstead, Islington, Crouch End, East Finchley and soon St Albans. Lucinda has kindly offered  a whooping 20% off to you lucky readers. Add promo code MOTHEROFALLLISTS at**



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