Why you SHOULD go to Thailand with Small Kids



We recently got back from two blissful weeks in Thailand with the boys who are nearly 2 and 3.5. Although my husband and I have fortunate enough to do tons of travelling I felt unusually nervous about taking the boys half way across the world.

Probably because we actually spent a month in Thailand when Bertie was 7 weeks old and it was disastrous . He was our first kid, so at 7 weeks postpartum our whole world had been turned upside down.  Forget schlepping across the globe, we should stayed in the baby bubble. NOT heading to a drastically different time zone, where you have to put your new unfamiliar body in a bikini and have very little support from friends/family.

ANYWAY, we were determined to make this trip different.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Book night flights. One way an another they WILL fall asleep and every hour that they are out for the count is a bonus.

  • Invest in Keep Em Quiet Bags. £16.99 well spent.

  • Take ALL the snacks. We flew Thai Airways, because it was the quickest journey time. But the  child’s meals they were a bit beyond their palette (apart from the chocolate bars that came with every single meal. Include breakfast).

  • Hungry kids + being trapped in a confined space = terrible combo. Bertie ate 5 bags of crisps on our journey back.  I am not proud of it. But needs must.

  • You do not need jumpers. Or any kind of warm clothes. It’s hard to get your head round when you are in Blighty. It’s warm there constantly. Heaven.

  • Once a day suncream. I converted to  P20 after my GP recommended it to me before I went off on my gap year. Not having to worry about reapplication is such a bonus.

  • Minimal footwear. Mine didn’t wear anything on the feet for the entire trip.

  • Travel buggy. Pavements are few and far between. The ones that exist are thin. We had a pair of these Babyzen YoYo‘s. They are mega.

  • Little Hot Dog Watson hats. They look cool but are actually super clever. The fabric keeps their heads at the right temperature and is imbedded with insect repellent. 

  • Roll on insect repellent. Mine ended up enjoying putting it on. Result.

  • Take a small amount of toys. We took Duplo, story books and superheros. That seemed to do it. Takes up valuable suitcase space, but also increases the odds of you actually being able to read by the pool.

  • In terms of food we found plenty they would eat: Massaman curry, chicken satay, fish cakes (’round fish fingers’), the delicious deep-fried fish.

  • And who doesn’t like the amazing fruit/fruit shakes and BANANA PANCAKES?! They alone are worth the 13 hour flight.

  • Plus there’s always chips. 

  • We also did a ‘big shop’ in a supermarket (rather than being ripped off at the 7/11).  Where we got the  necessities: Nappies, wipes, Weetabix, Milk and Babybel.

  • Yes the foodie traveller in me died alittle. But sometimes you’ve gotta do what makes your life easier.



  • What else?! Mine loved the beach and the pool. But they also couldn’t believe how much the rules got bent: 

  • Being allowed in a Tuk-Tuk!

  • Mummy actually going in the sea. (Most previous holidays have been in the UK, I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a fair weather swimmer). 

  • Or getting to go out AFTER DARK.

  • Jet lag on the way out is a bonus. We settled into a happy 9-9 sleep schedule.

  • Thai’s LOVE kids. Welcome in all restaurants. Frequently get given a free banana or ice lolly. Often when you are trying to negotiate them eating a vegetable. But still.

  • And your wallet will love Thailand. Though the flights to get there can be pricey,  the cost of living is SO cheap. Lunches for 4 generally came in at £8 mark and dinner around about £15.

  • And laundry is cheap. So be sure to do yourself a massive favour and come home with a suitcase of clean clothes..

  • Because jetlag on the way back is a bitch. Know that it’s just ‘part of it’. They say it’s a day for every hour time difference. Realistically it took a week to feel normal.

  • Don’t be tempted to eek out the last day of holiday. Give yourself at least one day back at home to get your head in gear before work/school/nursery. 

  • More than anything just bloody  DO IT. The climate, the food, the beaches, the being far away from the usual madness of normal life. For me its one my happiest places on earth.

  • As someone who likes travelling it made my heart fill with joy to hear the boys speaking Thai. Expanding their horizons. Seeing how adaptable they are. Totally un-phased by having their pale skin and fair hair admired wherever we went. 

  • Two weeks as just ‘us’ felt like a dream. A chance to reconnect. Have fun as a family and a reminder that without the stresses and strains of ordinary life we do still get on as a couple (phew!).

  • It such a cliché but we really did make memories that will last forever and suntans that might make it through the most vitamin D deprived months of the year.

    Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 09.11.34.png

    THAT face made the jet lag worthwhile.


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  • Reply Holly Piper December 12, 2016 at 10:16 am

    We leave tomorrow! Thanks for reminding me why we’re going amidst all the panic! X

  • Reply Vicki December 12, 2016 at 8:54 pm

    Oh I loved reading this post SOOO much. As someone who has also travelled a lot (and love, adore, love, love, LOVE Thailand) it’s heartening to see such enthusiasm about taking two small people there. Will be booking tickets as soon as I find the pesky money 🙂

  • Reply Rhi Hardy December 15, 2016 at 9:10 am

    We went last November and loved it so much we’re off again for New Year. You’re words have really helped and really can’t wait to go now!!

    • Reply Peckham_Mamma December 15, 2016 at 9:10 am

      Jealous!! Have a gorgeous time xx

  • Reply Ula January 2, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    Hi Clemmie, sounds amazing! Could you please recommend some place to stay with small kids. We backpacked in Thailand in the past staying in cheap hostels and beach huts so not the best places to take little people to 🙂

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