Sex in Pregnancy


It can’t be easy for guys. When you are trying to conceive you spend months bonking like lusty teens, demanding that they are ‘up for it’ the moment you get wind of the fact you are ovulating. Then, having use them to get impregnated, your libido promptly disappears, possively not to be seen again for a very long long time.

But this doesn’t have to be the case Lisa Williams of The Hot Bed Collective reveals all about her pregnancy sex life:

I had a horrendous pregnancy, with hyperemesis gravidarum plaguing the first four months. Sex was the last thing on my mind after a day of vomiting into every passing flowerbed. But once that was over, something amazing happened: sex became more fun than it ever had before. And here’s why…

  •  My body amazed me:

  •  Like 99.9% of women, I have body image issues and feel about as comfortable naked as I would be taking a shit in the middle of Waterloo station. I don’t own a full-length mirror, and I’m a lights-off-during-sex-unless-I’m-extremely-drunk-or-on-holiday kind of girl.

  • But pregnancy genuinely made me admire everything my biology was capable of. Not only that, but the growing bump was something I could celebrate, instead of thinking I’d overdone it on the carbs and/or beer again.

  • It was liberating having sex while in a body I didn’t want to cover up with a duvet for once.

  • I marvelled at how much easier it would be to enjoy sex if I was body-confident/a bloke, which made me a bit sad at the same time.

  •  It’s liberating:

  •  It’s no coincidence that I felt inspired and able to launch the Hotbed Collective (a movement to promote funny and open dialogue around sex in long-term relationships) while pregnant.

  • I’m a prude living in a prudish country and, if I wasn’t olive skinned, any mention of sex would have had me blushing like a sundried tomato.

  • But, if you’re up the duff, you can’t usually avoid the fact that you’ve had sex at least once, so any feelings of shame or embarrassment about the topic were taken away.

  • It was liberating for me, and has opened up a hotbed of topics which I’ve found other women – and many men – want to talk or learn about too.

  •  It’s hot:

  • I don’t know whether it was the hormones or the lack of hangovers, but I had some of the hottest sex while pregnant.

  • Maybe it was the hedonist thrill of doing something entirely for pleasure and not procreation’s sake which made most of my pregnancy sex so good, but either way we weren’t complaining.

  • I’ve heard that many women try things they haven’t tried before while pregnant, and isn’t that brilliant? I’ve also read that sexy sex during pregnancy can sometimes make a woman lactate a little bit, although disappointingly, that never happened to me

  • Never has time felt so long:

  •  There’s something about the tiny stretch between being pregnant and having a newborn which feels as if it’s three years long.

  • Your life, body and emotions change overnight or, if like me you have a planned c-section, in minutes.

  • So while I felt tired and spherical towards the end of pregnancy, it was nothing compared to the total body apocalypse which came afterwards: birth recovery, intense sleep deprivation and the overwhelming weight of responsibility, not to mention the body blow that is breastfeeding, combined to make me feel as sexy as a plate of offal.

  • So while we had a ‘farewell shag’ in the last few days, knowing it might be six weeks or six years before we did it again, once the baby was here sex was so far off the cards it was slightly comical to even imagine it: sex memories were like faded seaside postcards, and sex itself was about as inviting as dip in the Channel.

  • As for the sex which happens after the baby arrives; well that’s a whole other article…

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