It may be a bit woo-woo for some but it’s no secret I love all things astrology and moon-related, so this list from Jenna grabbed me. After the births of her two daughters, Jenna was feeling lost and unsure of who she was beyond being a mum. But having always been drawn towards the moon she decided to explore this further and it’s no understatement to say it changed her life. 


  • I found the first years of motherhood with both my girls (now four and 18 months) incredibly hard.

  • I felt lost, consumed by motherhood, trying to get everything ‘right’, in a bubble, completely unsure of who I was anymore BUT I barely told a soul,

  • I put on a front that all was fine and I soldiered on. As is often the story.

  • When I returned to work after my first maternity leave, I scrabbled around for remnants of myself, got some new work outfits and pieced myself back together. And all was fine.

  • After my second daughter arrived, halfway way through maternity leave, I began to realise that those remnants weren’t salvageable this time around. I really felt totally lost and unsure of who I was anymore, outside of mummy, that is.

  • I needed help and thankfully, I had the privilege of seeking and paying for it.

  • I started seeing an AMAZING therapist.

  • She helped me do the deep inner work (which is hard!!) that was needed, to clear away some fog and gain some clarity on what was making me feel so lost.

  • I was missing joy, purpose. Don’t get me wrong, my girls are utterly delicious and provide copious amounts of joy and purpose but I mean joy for me. I’ll say that again, joy for ME! I had no idea what lit me up inside?!

  • Enter Moon Magic!

  • Or aligning myself with the lunar cycle.

  • For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt a pull towards the moon but haven’t known why.

  • As soon as I started to work with her, I could feel something magical happening. It was something for me and that felt good.

  • The more I tuned into the phases of the moon, the more I became more in tune with myself.

  • I began to want more for myself and decided not to return to my PA role that I was currently on maternity leave with.

  • I decided to set up my own business. Something of my very own. For ME. My third baby.

  • The moon started to become my very own magical egg timer – keeping me accountable every month and reminding me to take time for myself.

  • So how do I align myself? I note in my diary when the new moon and full moons are appearing and I plan ahead (my PA skills coming through!)

  • I prioritise myself, scheduling in time to be alone to hear my own thoughts (this used to feel impossible!)

  • I create SPACE for myself, I know right?! What’s that? It’s so hard to imagine especially in those first years of motherhood.

  • The more space I create for myself, the more I can listen to that inner voice. My gut feeling. My intuition.

  • My inner voice was so quiet, I could barely hear it. And when I was unsure, I turned to others, I sought their opinions over my own.

  • But the more space I created, the louder that inner voice became. the easier it was to listen.

  • The more I listened, the more I trusted it. I became braver in my decisions, and I no longer searched for external validation and opinions about myself.

  • I started to KNOW what is right for me.

  • The moon also teaches me that there is a time to be productive but also a time to pause, be still and reflect. I need reminding of this constantly as a mother. Don’t we all?

  • We are all so judged on how productive we can be! Constantly doing, doing, doing! We’ve forgotten that rest is productive and is necessary! Especially as mothers.

  • I look to the moon as a shining example. She doesn’t always shine, she rests!! She knows in order to be your fullest and brightest you have to retreat, say no sometimes and rest.

  • For me, keeping the lunar cycle SIMPLE is key to why this is working for me. Simple means achievable for me right now in this phase of my life #workingmum #mentalload

  • I focus on the New Moon and Full Moon every month. Each moon creates an opportunity for me to turn inwards and actually think about what I want to create for myself!

  • Even if that is for 10 minutes. Sometimes that’s all we have depending on what the day brings with small humans.

  • The new moon is the start of a new lunar cycle and is when I spend time thinking about what I want and I DREAM BIG!! I set intentions, not getting caught up in HOW, I just focus on the dream and see myself living it.

  • Then when we reach the waxing phases of the moon, this is the phase for action, creativity and productivity. This is where I start putting steps in place to achieve my goals.

  • The full moon (my fav!) is all about celebrating how far you’ve come but reflecting on anything that’s stood in your way!

  • Celebrating is a huge step for me here! How often do we think about what we haven’t achieved!! I bet you don’t often write down what you have done – try it, it’s a game changer!

  • The waning phase is all about working on letting go of things that don’t serve me (hello…..comparison on Instagram!) and slowing down (taking parenting short cuts!) as we head towards the dark moon.

  • The Dark Moon is the lowest energy point of the cycle and man oh man do I feel it! I tend to want to be alone, (tricky with kids!) feel generally exhausted and emotional. And my maternal rage usually kicks in…..(if you know, you know!)

  • Aligning with the moon has taught me not to shy away from my emotions. They are more often than not, trying to tell me something, telling me ‘hey! something needs attention!’. And I listen.

  • Like signposts nudging me in the right direction and I’ve learned to lean into them.

  • The dark moon is a time to rest, I don’t fight it. I pause and rest. And let me tell you, I need reminding of this A LOT.

  • The lunar cycle has taught me to prioritise myself, ask for what I need, take the time to rest and fill up my own cup.

  • So that my cup is overflowing and in those exhausting moments of motherhood that occur daily (a mixture of tantrums/ food launched at the wall and not eaten) I have the energy for patience and compassion, which I 100% don’t have when my cup is empty.

  • So how do I use it in my business?

  • It’s all about learning when might best serve YOU to schedule certain things in.

  • Plan lots of new business meetings or new client calls etc. just after a New Moon, during the waxing period.

  • Over waxing moon period, plan in more social dinners, brainstorms, public speaking, a photoshoot for your biz, you’ll have the energy for it!

  • Avoid scheduling any big business decisions or discussions over a Full Moon. Pop them in afterwards! Emotions can be quite volatile so best to avoid if you can.

  • Over the waning period plan in more alone time, space for solitude. especially over the dark moon. Keep your diary clear of meetings as much as possible.

  • It’s important to note, there are always going to be things that can’t be moved or need to happen at certain times. That’s life!

  • It’s all about having the knowledge and awareness of what is going on around you to maximise your creativity/energy levels (waxing moon) and put things in place to support yourself when you need it (waning/dark moon).

  • How do YOU start?  Note the next new moon and set yourself some time. Just do it. Even if it’s just ten mins. Do it. The sooner you start, the more you can crack on with the moon magic!

  • When you set your intentions, use pen and paper. Write it down. As you go through each lunar cycle, you can look back and see how far you’ve come!

  • I look back at myself, even 6 months ago and I can’t believe how far I’ve come, how much I’ve grown.

  • Writing this list is an example of this! I used to just read these lists but I started thinking I want to write one! And why not??

  • I dream BIG for myself and I’m not afraid to WANT more for myself outside of being a mother.

  • I want to model to my girls someone who knows what she wants and goes bravely (not always knowing it will work) into the world to make it happen, because she believes she can.

  • Aligning with the lunar cycle is a beautiful gift for us to use every month. It keeps us accountable in pushing ourselves forward but also inwards as we discover what we want for ourselves.

  • I’ve found a way to connect to myself every month and come home to myself more and more.

  • I no longer feel lost. I mean sometimes it sneaks back in but I know how to get myself back!! And that is powerful.

  • My mission is to pass on Moon Magic to mums in a simple and achievable way that doesn’t add to their mental load.

  • I want all mums to start to prioritise themselves, create space and want more for themselves because I promise you, you absolutely can and WILL create BIG things!

** Jenna’s website is eleventhhouse-va.co.uk



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