I’ve written a book! It’s called ‘But Why? How to answer tricky questions from kids and have an honest conversation with yourself.’ 

Imagine the scene: you’re trying to put the kids to bed, your brain has checked out for the day and suddenly, from nowhere, all manner of unrelated, but potentially important, questions are flung into the night-time routine as you’re trying to get them to brush their teeth properly:

* But why are humans ruining the planet?
* But why do people die and are they just sleeping?
* But why do people get married?
* But why do we have feelings?
* But why can’t I look like everyone else?
* But why aren’t we rich?

With a foreword by leading psychotherapist Anna Mathur (author of Mind Over Mother) this book is informed by a huge, varied body of research. Including conversations with experts on my podcasts ‘Honestly’ and But Why? the insight of 300-plus contributors here on ‘Mother of All Lists’ and, of course my own experience as a Mother of three.

It can’t promise definitive answers, but it will give you a wealth of ideas to draw upon, along with tips on how to explore the topics mindfully, pointers on where to seek more information and, perhaps most importantly, a reminder of what you absolutely should try to avoid saying to your kids even if you’re knackered or have been caught off-guard.

It’s published on July 22nd Pre-order it here: